Sinne Eeg Group at Dokkhuset. Photo: Arne Hauge

Sinne Eeg Group - concert report

The jazz audience in Trondheim showed up in full when the authorities now finally opened up. Suddenly we sat close together and there was a tense atmosphere in the room when Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk quickly and informatively welcomed the audience back and "Jazzfest Exclusive" could welcome Sinne Eeg Group - after four canceled attempts!

They opened with a hefty version of "My Favorite Things". Full of tempo changes and nice vocal details. Sinne Eeg is not a singer who closes her eyes and "goes into herself". No, she addresses the audience directly almost as an actress. There is communication without facts and the text is articulated clearly. She turns and twists tones, words and phrases and really plays with text and melody. They calmed down a bit with "The Beauty of Sadness", (text: S. Eeg) and it struck me that she has this ability to capture the mood of a song / text and keep it for a long time. The audience was fully present and you could hear the famous pin. The drummer took out the brushes and now it worked better acoustically as well.

Espen Berg with brand new band and new music!

Jazzfest commissioner: Espen Berg - Water Fabric

When Espen Berg sharpens the pencil and gets ready for writing new music, anything can happen!

The successful pianist and composer Espen Berg, who is best known for his collaborations with Silje Nergaard, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and his own trio, is now ready to present a new super band and brand new music - entitled Water Fabric!

Espen himself says that the goal of Water Fabric is to create a living and breathable work that is perceived as melodic, dynamic and elegant, but also intricate, complex and messy. We are really looking forward to it!

Espen Berg - piano, Harpreet Bansal - violin, Ellie Mäkelä - viola, Hayden Powell - trumpet, Joakim Munkner - cello, Per Oddvar Johansen - drums.

In collaboration with MaiJazz and Oslo Jazz Festival.
Supported by Kulturrådet.

Jan Garbarek Group feat. Trilok Gurtu - opening concert 2022!

Trondheim Jazzfest is immensely proud to present Jan Garbarek Group feat. Trilok Gurtu as the official opening concert for the 2022 festival edition!

Jan Garbarek could arguably be considered one of the style-setting musicians of European Jazz. And this has held true for the last fifty years. Countless musicians worldwide have been influenced by the sound of this Norwegian Saxophonist, often described as hymnal, lyrical, vocal, ethereal, meditative and certainly Scandinavian. Instead of resting on it - and contrary to his self-declared idleness - Jan Garbarek still strives at age 71 for new and better musical experiences, preferably live in concert.

Jan Garbarek - saxophone
Trilok Gurtu - drums, percussion
Rainer Brüninghaus - piano
Yuri Daniel - bass