Jazzfest has received Balansemerket!

Happy New Year to all our friends! We start the year with good news - namely that Jazzfest is entering its 35th festival year as part of the Balansemerket scheme, under the auspices of Balansekunst.

Managing director Ernst Wiggo says the following:

- Trondheim Jazz Festival is concerned with equality and diversity. The entire organization and programming must reflect awareness of this. Taking the Balansemerket is a fine demonstration that we distance ourselves from sexual harassment, discrimination and other unwanted behaviour. (...) The festival must work continuously with attitude-creating work at all levels: volunteering, collaboration partners, suppliers, artists, staff and board.

JOIN-IN! Musical family day in Olavshallen


Over 2,000 people turned up to spend Sunday in Olavshallen on our musical family day - with concerts, workshops and activities for young and old!

We are ecstatic about the success and more inspired than ever to continue our work on inclusion through music and shared cultural enjoyment.

See photos from the family day here!

Follow www.joyn-in.no for more Joyn-In news or become a Jazzfest friend and receive information first!

The Julejazz program is complete!

t this year's Christmas Jazz we present:
Bjørn Alterhaug Trio // Anne-Lise Heide Band // Feetwarmers // Heidi Skjerve //
Nypan Trio // Kibakaya/Steinkopf Duo // Sverre Sæbø Trio // Pangea // Trøndelag Big Band // Hildegunn Øiseth and Frode Fjellheim // Elisabeth Nygaard-Pearson //
ARABA // Mambo Compañeros // Anna Berentina Røe Band // JaZZmaZZørene // Mona Krogstad 6 // Hogne Kleiberg Trio

There is no doubt - this will be the biggest happening of Christmas!

Read what Adresseavisen writes about Joyn-In!

Read what Adresseavisen writes about project Joyn-In and Musical Family Day in Olavshallen in today's newspaper!
This coming Sunday, it all kicks off in Olavshallen with a series of concerts, workshops, disco, film screenings, drawing, face painting and much more. There is no lower or upper age limit - everyone must participate. And best of all: It's FREE!

A warm welcome to this year's big musical happening for the whole family.

Read more and see the entire program at www.joyn-in.no


Kyle Eastwood and general manager of Jazzfest Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk. Photo: Malin Dahl Ødegård


The festival's first artist has arrived in Trondheim and Jazzfest 2022! General Manager Ernst Wiggo was of course present to welcome the American star - Kyle Eastwood himself!

Yes, it's Clint's son .. And yes, he's playing a concert tomorrow night! During the day we will also get to know him better in our Fokus series, where he will be interviewed about his relationship with film and music at Cinemateket at 2:30pm.

Photo: Jens Westbye/BERRE

Bjørn Alterhaug og John Pål Inderberg rewarded The King's Medal of Merit

We congratulate Bjørn Alterhaug and John Pål Inderberg with the King's Medal of Merit! Mayor Rita Ottervik was responsible for the solemn award, and Jazzfest is a very proud organizer of this big event. The men of honor have lifted the cultural city of Trondheim for a total of 106 years!

Patti Austin sings Ella Fitzgerald w/ Trøndelag Big Band


7 new artists to Jazzfest 2022!

Patti Austin sings Ella Fitzgerald w/ Trøndelag Big Band
Starlight Big Band w/ Kathrine Windfeld
Los Aurora
Pascal Schumacher
Erlend Skomsvoll & TSO-koret w/ Hildegunn Øiseth 
Hovedøen Social Club
Eirik Havnes/Lars Ove Fossheim

Ghost-Note will play at Storsalen 7pm. Photo: Keith Griner


Ghost-Note, Kjellerbandet with Tor Haugerud, S. Møller & Reggie Got Beats, KALLE, O-Janà and more!

On 13 and 14 May, Samfundet is filled with a genuine festival atmosphere and the hippest of new, young music!


Hilde Louise Orchestra at Britannia Hall Friday 13. May. Photo: Jørgen Nordby

New artists to Jazzfest!

Hilde Louise Orchestra - Petter Wettre Kvartett w/ Lage Lund - Cyrille Aimée - Synesthetic 4 - Timo Lassy Trio

Five new artists have been confirmed for this year's festival!

Vebjørn Mamen arrange Astrid S for NTNU Jazzensemble

Artist release with three big news!

Vebjørn Mamen vs. Astrid S m/ NTNU Jazzensemble.

Suksessen fortsetter! I årets utgave av konsertføljetongen ung komponist arrangerer trøndersk pop/rock er turen kommet til Vebjørn Mamen.

Vebjørn skal ta for seg låtkatalogen til vår egen superstjerne Astrid S og gi låtene ny drakt for stortalentene i NTNU Jazzensemble.

Dette blir ville greier - de som kjenner Vebjørns grenseløse kreativitet og overskudd vet at alt kan skje!