Y-Otis created an electric atmosphere at Havet on Friday 12 May. Photo: Thor Egil Leirtrø

Thank you!

Then an adventure of a jubilee festival is over.

A series of brilliant concerts, smiling audiences, the weather gods on our side and artists who give the audience memories for a lifetime are some of what we are left with. The sun finally shone over the turf when we carried out our nice family day Joyn-In on Saturday. The sum of it all gives us a pure feeling of happiness.

It's especially fun with all the young people, on and off the stage. Birka Folkhögskola from Østersund took all the students along and wants to make this an annual planned trip. It is an example for similar schools in Norway to follow.

We had a bunch of international guests from Austria, Hungary, Germany and Wales. They were effusive and want to engage more of the Norwegian artists.
This year we tested some new arenas, among them Teatergata in Trøndelag Theater and Havet Arena. The stages have great potential and in this way we hope to create curiosity, increase the number of audiences and bring the festival forward.

Then a big thank you remains to the board, staff, volunteers, partners, the audience and everyone who contributes with a pat on the back for the work being done. It inspires a lot.

Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk

General Manager