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Visual artist Anya Magnussen has designed City Jazz - this year's anniversary motif.

Jazzfest's good friend for many years, Anya Magnussen, was behind two powerful festival posters in the late 1990s. In connection with the anniversary, an idea came up to reuse some of the material from that time, but Anya was clear that she dreamed of making something new. Thus, we can now present this year's anniversary motif on the front page of the festival newspaper. The anniversary motif is two original serigraphs called City Jazz I 35th Jubilee and City Jazz II that are also for sale.

Anya says that it was a great honor to get the Jazzfest project, and that the longing has been enormous to color emotions for fierce musical rhythms again. The collaboration with Jon Lord, from the legendary rock group Deep Purple, is the last music/art project Anya took part in. The spark for musical art projects was rekindled when this year's 35th jazz festival came on the scene.

Anya Magnussen has a big heart for poster art, a chapter that began during her time as a student at the Academy and Art University in San Francisco. There, fierce jazz clubs in the underground milieu were a great inspiration. City Jazz I Jubilee and City Jazz II have an urban starting point. New Orleans lit Anya's artistic jazz flame, and Trondheim's exciting jazz scene is a worthy heir. Fierce urban jazz is reflected in the theme, the rhythm of the piano as a walkway draws you into the passion of the sax, and the Jazzfest hearts rhythmically live into the wee hours.

The serigraphs/silk prints are the originals, Anya's art has no sketches. The silkscreen films are painted and in the coloring of the paper the motif that Anya's heart is filled with appears as a Phoenix Bird. An unusual working method that requires expressive thinking and room for spontaneity.

The special thing about the serigraphs is that jazz lover and screen printing master Per Stene, PS Serigrafi, printed Anya's City Jazz with a sure hand while he communicated in pictures and words with her from the hospital bed at St. Olav's Hospital.

Serious illness put an end to the facade and stage art, which Anya hopes to be able to complete by next, resilient Jazzfest year!

The festival motifs are in the format 75 cm x 110 cm and for sale, and the plan is that the profit from the sale will support St. Olav's children's and gynecological cancer department, in addition to a Jazz scholarship and further music/art ventures.

Anya's motifs are energetic. They convey contrasts, passion and intensity.




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