Knut Reiersrud Band plays at Byscenen on 9 May

New program release with seven artists

National treasure Karin Krog and jazz bauta Bjørn Alterhaug honor their musical collaboration, which has lasted for over 40 years, and we get to hear brand new, groovy and animal-inspired music from guitar hero Knut Reiersrud.
Italian Francesca Tandoi brings piano lines a la Oscar Peterson in her terrific swing jazz trio, and Jovan Pavlovic takes the stage all alone with his accordion - ready to play and stretch the limits of his instrument.
Trondheim-born vocalist Anja Skybakmoen celebrates a new record at the meeting point between Iranian musical tradition and the Nordics, and straight from Europe's jazz scene we get to experience the Obradovic-Tixier Duo, with drums, keys and effects in an energetic combination.
Mette Rasmussen, Veslemøy Narvesen and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten make up Mette Rasmussen Trio North, which has created great excitement down the continent with their modern, free and innovative approach to jazz. Now it's Trondheim's turn!



Interplay over four decades

Our beloved Karin Krog has, through a long career both at home and abroad, positioned herself as one of our leading national treasures in vocal jazz. From the 1960s until today, she has been one of the foremost representatives of jazz in Norway and of Norwegian jazz internationally. That Karin is coming to the Trondheim Jazz Festival this year is nothing less than a big event.

The collaboration with Bjørn Alterhaug started in Trondheim as early as 1967 and has given us musical experiences from the top shelf over several decades! The album "Oslo Calling" with The Meantimes - Vigleik Storaas, Tom Olstad, Bjørn Alterhaug - was released on Karin's own record label: Meantime Records in 2008, and is the sonorous result of a musical collaboration that has lasted for over 40 years.

With a band member in his mid-20s, the saxophonist Erlend Vangen Kongtorp to Karin Krog, in her mid-80s, this can safely be called a meeting of generations that carries on the best of the jazz tradition. As Bjørn himself writes: "Tradition should be something generous: It means passing on."

Karin Krog – vocals
Bjørn Alterhaug – bass
Vigleik Storaas – piano
Tom Olstad - drums
Erlend Vangen Kongtorp – saxophone



With a new album in the bag

As one of Norway's most versatile and ingenious guitarists - whether it's groovy blues, beautiful folk tunes or hymns - Knut Reiersrud never seems to run out of ideas.

Now he is on the road with a bunch of new songs where he has tried to portray the personality of various animals through instrumental music. Among other things, we get to meet "Havnesjefen", which pays homage through twangy surf-prog, "Freya" is majestically sentimental, while "Hvaldimir" is an uplifting pop gem. In addition, quite a few other well-known and forgotten animals get their rightful place in the repertoire.

Groovy and fierce guitar-based jazz, rock, r'n'b and funk from a legend in the game!

Knut Reiersrud - guitars
David Wallumrød - keys
Nikolai Hængsle - bass
Ola Erlien - guitar, keys
Andreas Bye - drums



A virtuoso swing explosion

Italian pianist and vocalist Francesca Tandoi shines brightly on the international jazz scene, hailed by critics and audiences alike as a musician of rare note. Energetic, agile and elegant at the same time, with her warm jazz vocals and terrific swing lines à la Oscar Peterson - virtuoso almost takes on a new meaning when Tandoi sits behind the piano.

She has already toured the USA, Asia and all over Europe, and recorded seven albums with her own trio - and now she is finally coming to Trondheim for the first time!

This is jazz that is guaranteed to swing you off your chair.

Francesca Tandoi - piano
Stefano Senni - bass
Giovanni Campanella - drums



Limitless play with the accordion

Serbian-Norwegian Jovan Pavlovic is one of the most sought-after accordionists in Europe today, with decades of musical collaboration behind him and as a central musician and driving force in the Trondheim music scene.

Now he takes Jazzfest - all alone with his accordion.

With music from his first solo record "Life of Accordion", we get to hear Jovan playing and stretching the limits of his instrument. The compositions are melodious and easily accessible, filled with rhythm, improvisation and harmonics with influences from the Balkans, Africa and Scandinavia, among others. From vulnerable and simple to powerful and complex, delivered with tremendous excess and fervor.

Jovan Pavlovic - accordion



Tribute to Googoosh and Iranian voices

Trondheim-born vocalist Anja Skybakmoen has a versatile career behind her, both with her own band projects and as a singer in the vocal group Pitsj, to name a few.

Now she arrives at Jazzfest with a brand new album in her luggage!

In recent years, Anja has immersed herself in the music and history of the Iranian artist Googoosh, who was one of the biggest artists in Iran before the revolution in 1979. After a performance with her music on Beat for Beat on NRK, Anja experienced being contacted by people from all over the world who showed their enthusiasm for this music being promoted.

Her new music is strongly inspired by this tradition, and Anja, with her sparkling band, is able to create musical magic at the meeting point between the Nordics and the East, the likes of which we have hardly heard.

Anja Skybakmoen - vocals
Helge Lien - piano
Aleksander Sjølie - guitar
Håkon Aase - violin
Jonas Barsten - drums



For the first time in Norway

Straight from Europe's jazz scene! French pianist David Tixier and Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic make up the exciting Obradovic-Tixier Duo.

The duo combines both acoustic and electronic instruments in an engrossing interplay; groovy, soft and complex at the same time. Presented almost like a musical performance, where David's sophisticated harmonies and lyrical drama intertwine with Lada's polyrhythms and sharp touch.

Despite their young age, they already have a long career to show for it, and have performed at the biggest festivals down the continent. Finally, it's Trondheim's turn to experience this fireworks display of a band!

David Tixier - piano, keyboards, electronics
Lada Obradovic - drums, vocals, glockenspiel



Mette Rasmussen, Veslemøy Narvesen and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten makes Trio North, which has garnered great enthusiasm across the continent with its modern, free and innovative approach to jazz. Now it's Jazzfest's turn!

The three musicians are based in Trondheim, but has the whole world as their stage. Mette has been an explosive force in the European free jazz scene for the past ten years, and together with bass bauta Ingebrigt and super talent Veslemøy, the trio creates a completely unique and exploratory expression based on Mette's compositions.

Mette Rasmussen - saxophone
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - bass
Veslemøy Narvesen - drums