Fjæra Kvintett
Henrik Gjemsø Hauge
May 11th 5:15 pm - 5:45 pm

Fjæra Kvintett

Students from Sund Folkehøgskole

Fjæra is a quintet who met at Jazzlinja at Sund FHS. Through improvisation, they want to highlight the differences between sea and land, the solid and the floating. They sound like the sound of waves and birdsong. Fjæra offers clear trumpet sounds, playful double bass, groovy drums and vocals reminiscent of watercolor paint. Fjæra quintet makes music inspired by the Nordic nature, and with their lyrical melodies and catchy rhythms they play the audience from sea to sky.

Øygunn Hauffen - vocals
Maren Pernille Vartdal Skjong - trumpet
Móeiður Loftsdóttir - trumpet
Runa Kirby Torbo - double bass
Embla Bang Frantzen - drums


  • No age limit
  • The concert starts at 17:15
  • Tickets: Free entry
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