Strønen & Snah - i Vigelands Mausoleum
May 9th 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Strønen & Snah - in Vigelands Mausoleum

In December 2016, Hans Magnus Ryan and Thomas Strønen played two concerts in Emanuel Vigeland's mausoleum in Oslo, a completely unique space and work of art that gives the musicians a 20-second reverberation to play with. In a small area, under an enormous vaulted ceiling, Strønen and Snah conjure up sounds and sounds that both slide into and scrape hard against each other. The film consists of two phenomenal pieces of music - "White Spider" and "Death Bivouac" - which also make up the two sides of the Wingsuit Issue album that the duo released in 2020.

The walls and ceiling of Emanuel Vigeland's mausoleum are covered by the artist's epic fresco Vita, which describes the human life from conception to death in dramatic and erotic scenes. The bronze and sepia colors in the room dominate the film's style, and the surroundings are visually echoed in Ryan's Gibson guitar and Strønen's cymbals. In the Cinemateket's intimate cinema hall (completely without reverberation) we get so close and so deep into the music that it almost - but only almost! - is like being there. Strønen & Snah - In Vigelands mauseoleum is a short film, but a great experience. Welcome to a concert on film at Jazzfest!

Screening times: Wednesday 8 May at 17.00, Thursday 9 May at 17.00, Friday 10 May at 17.00.


  • In collaboration with Cinemateket
  • No age limit
  • Accredited persons and holders of companion certificates can collect a free ticket at the entrance
  • The film starts at 17:00
  • Tickets: NOK 60
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