Ola Kvernbergs Steamdome Vol. 2
Marte Amanda Vannebo
November 28th

Ola Kvernbergs Steamdome Vol. 2

Postponed - new info is coming

The groove locomotive returns!

Ola Kvernberg returns to Jazzfest with one of his most successful projects - Steamdome!
Mixing heavy club beats with electro-acoustic melodic flavors, Ola and his band takes us on a musical trip in a completely new direction. Hypnotical and sweaty, this is the perfect dance floor final at this all night event packed with great bands at Samfundet.

Ola Kvernberg - violin, viola, guitar, synths, prepared piano, organ, percussion
Erik Nylander - drums, drum machines, percussion
Martin Windstad - percussion
Olaf Olsen - drums, percussion
Daniel Buner Formo - organ, synths, misc. keyboards
Nikolai Hængsle - bass
Øyvind Blomstrøm - guitars, pedal steel guitar
Tor "Torsken" Breivik - sound


NB: Doors open at 6 PM. Concert schedule to be announced.
Age limit 18 yrs. We accept accompanying person.