Olavshallen Store Sal

Kjøpmannsgata 44
7011 Trondheim

Store sal has a seating capacity of 1212 seats which is distributed on parquet and balcony. Ten places for wheelchairs are set aside in row 7.
Lille sal has a seating capacity of 356 seats.
Foajéscenen - open stage located opposite Latte Liten


Ticket booking
Reservations and purchases of wheelchair spaces must be made via our ticket office at 73 99 40 50.


The entrance from Brattørgata / Krambugata is best suited. The glass lift is located at the end towards Kjøpmannsgata and transports you both up to the Store Sal and down to the Lille Sal as well as to and from the parking basement.


Escort certificate can be used for all our performances. Contact the ticket office on 73 99 40 50 or Ticketmaster 815 33 133 for wheelchair and companion tickets directly. A limit of six and two places has been set in the Store and Lille Sal, respectively.


Wheelchair spaces have been set aside for all performances both in the Store Sal (row 7) and in the Lille Sal (row 14). In the Store Sal, loose seats can also be inserted in row 7. Wheelchair spaces must be reserved via our ticket office at 73 99 40 50.


We have installed a teleloop in both our halls. The equipment only has an effect between row 9 to row 17 in parquet in the Store Sal. In the Lille Sal, the effect is equally good on all seats when the stands are out. On flat floors, the equipment only has effect in front of the hall.

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