Reiche plays in Trondheim Mekaniske (Dokkhuset) on Friday 10 May at 15:00

This year's student bands are ready!

Jazzfest is incredibly proud of the region's young jazz scene and every year gives several bands from NTNU the opportunity to play during the festival. The concerts are in Trondheim Mekaniske (the bar in Dokkhuset) and have free entry!



Reiche is an expressive duo that operates between beautiful soundscapes and explosive riffs. The duo moves seamlessly from the thoroughly composed to the freely improvised, where spontaneity and energy are in focus. With a different approach to jazz, the project lives in a world between post-rock, Nordic jazz and quirky rhythmic motifs.

Vegard Rishaug - guitar and electronics
Øyvind Leite - drums

Trondheim Mekaniske - Dokkhuset
10. May @ 15:00


Sondre Moshagen Lightning Trio 

Energy, melody and sparkling interplay! Sondre Moshagen Lightning Trio unites references from classical impressionism, 60s American free jazz and 80s pop music in a fresh piano trio sound. The music originates in Moshagen's melodic and creative compositions, which give room for improvisation in various ways. From minimalistic, collective free movements where texture and timbre are in focus, to explosive parts that excite and engages the listener. The trio met at NTNU Jazzlinja in Trondheim in the autumn of 2022, and has toured Norway, Sweden and Estonia in the past year. This spring, they are one of four finalists in Norsk Jazzforum's talent program Jazzintro.

Sondre Moshagen - piano
Kertu Aer - double bass
Steinar Heide Bø - drums 

Trondheim Mekaniske - Dokkhuset
10. May @ 21:00

Don't Feed The Sun 

Don't feed the Sun is an electronic-improvisational jazz folk trio originating from NTNU Jazzlinja. The trio plays self-written and improvised music, where everyone contributes their musical compositional ideas. They have found a common joy in much of the same music, and are inspired by bands such as Valkyrien Allstars, Moskus, Ævestaden and Daniel Herskedal.

The musicians in the trio together have a wide range of styles, and like to find intersections between already established genres. They originally met through improvisation and jazz, but also use elements from folk music, riff-based music and electronica in the music they compose.

Anna Ueland - synth, vocals, fiddle
Hermann Hestbek - tuba, electronics
Selma Edwards Granly - cello, guitar, electronics, vocals

Trondheim Mekaniske - Dokkhuset
11. May @ 21:00