Eyolf Dale Trio plays in Olavshallen Lille Sal on 11 May. Photo: Per Schorn

Second artist release for Jazzfest 2024

Now we can reveal five new concerts on the poster in May 2024!

Read more about the concerts here:

Jazzmeia Horn - Dokkhuset 9. May at 22:00

Jazzmeia Horn

Modern vocal jazz from an international star!

Jazzmeia Horn is one of the brightest stars on today's jazz scene, with a large following worldwide. In the wake of her Grammy-nominated album A Social Call in 2017, she has been very active touring - and perfecting her original expression as a vocalist.

Jazzmeia's music both preserves and twists the jazz tradition; with a clear lineage to vocal jazz icons such as Nancy Wilson and Betty Carter and a fearless approach to improvisation, mixed with imaginative elements of R'n'B and hip-hop that place her well in the present. In other words - elegant play with modern jazz!



Martin Myhre Olsen vs. Stargate w/NTNU Jazzensemble - Dokkhuset Wednesday 8. May at 22:00

Martin Myhre Olsen

The success continues!

In this year's edition of the concert series young composer arranges pop/rock from a local artist, it is the turn of the  saxophonist Martin Myhre Olsen.

Martin is a very active musician and composer both in Norway and Europe, with a handful of albums out under his own name and often seen in other people's projects. In the last years, he has played with Chick Corea and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, won Spellemann prize with the band Hegge, written music for large ensembles and performances, in addition to being a former NTNU Ambassador.

He will dig into the million-streamed hit catalog of the famous production team Stargate - Tor Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen - and give the songs renewed arrangements the talents in the NTNU Jazz Ensemble. 


Julie Dahle Aagård - Julie Swings The Blues - Dokkhuset Saturday 11. May at 22:00

Julie Dahle Aagård

With warmth and fervor as the hallmark of her musical expression, Julie Dahle Aagård has her own ability to take over the room just with her mere presence.

Julie is educated at Jazzlinja in Trondheim, but it is soul, blues and gospel that are closest to the Spellemann-nominated vocalist's heart. Still, her love of jazz clearly shines through in her musicality, both in her own compositions and in the interpretation of other people's songs.

In Julie Swings the Blues, she playfully moves back and forth between the established genres, across musical boundaries, and creates her own sound: rough, genuine and alive. Julie offers a raw and soulful concert experience - with Norway's most swinging jazz accompaniment backing her up.


Eyolf Dale Trio - Olavshallen Lille Sal Saturday 11. May at 15:00

Eyolf Dale Trio

First time in Trondheim!

Many of the greatest jazz pianists have done some of their finest work in small formats: Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Brad Mehldau have all had legendary trios, and now one of the leading Norwegian pianists in recent years also has one! Eyolf Dale has brought the rhythm section from the Wolf Valley band and put together a three-team of musicians in the absolute top tier.

The drummer Audun Kleive is nothing less than a legend in Norwegian jazz history. With close to two hundred releases, countless tours at home and abroad, and a formidable ability for improvised interaction, he has distinguished himself as a source of inspiration for several generations of young musicians. Bassist Per Zanussi has distinguished himself since the late 90s as a highly original and searching musician and composer, and is widely known for his own bands and orchestras.

In 2021 came the album BEING, a particularly lyrical and soulful album at the intersection of jazz and classical, which was liked by both the public and the music press. The follow-up album "The Wayfarers" has already managed to garner brilliant reviews at home and abroad, and we can look forward to world-class interplay!


Sondre Ferstad - Pieces of Wood - Trykkeriet Friday 10. May at 18:00

Sondre Ferstad

Harmonica player, singer and multi-talent Sondre Ferstad is working on an exciting commission that will premiere at Jazzfest 2024.

Pieces of Wood is an audiovisual woodwork universe where music, woodwork, violin bows, planes, drumsticks and chisels meet on stage. Sondre wants to create an organic and melodic work, where the musicians have plenty of room to make their personal mark - with long lines, playfulness and carefully intertwined elements.