Kirsten Schultz from Visit Trondheim and mayor Rita Ottervik presented the award for Door Opener of the Year 2022 to Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk (in the middle). Photo: Trondheim municipality

Door opener of the year 2022!

Our enterprising and inspiring general manager Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk yesterday received the honorable award for his work with Jazzfest and the cultural metropolis of Trondheim.

"The honor is received on behalf of the entire Jazzfest." says Ernst Wiggo. "I would like to believe that project Joyn-In is one of the reasons why Jazzfest was appointed, where our motto is "everyone should participate, no one will be voted out". Trondheim municipality has contributed additional funds over a two-year period, which has given us the muscle to make some smart moves, where we have, among other things, engaged an audience developer, established a free family day and held outreach concerts out in the field - a strengthened cultural offer for people who have been through a tough time. I am proud of what Trondheim Jazz Festival has become, both locally, nationally and internationally, and I'm really looking forward to the 35th festival this May!"

About the price:

This year's Døråpner 2022 will honor and promote people who over a longer period have worked to market Trondheim on a national and international level through events and/or congresses.

These are people who have a burning commitment to the Trondheim region, are visibly proud of the city and have a genuine desire to put Trondheim on the map locally, nationally or internationally. The award goes to people who open doors to their international network and who promote Trondheim as a host city.

The jury's reasoning:

Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk is a Norwegian jazz musician (percussion) and music educator. He took the instrumental pedagogy exam at Trøndelag Music Conservatory in 1982, and was employed as an associate professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology's Department of Music.

Trondheim Jazzfestival has its roots back to 1980, when it was organized by the voluntary organization JazzMazz. Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk has been general manager since 2004 and has built stone upon stone in the development of an international jazz festival in the middle of Norway. Since its establishment, the driving force behind the festival has been to front a strong artistic content with a main focus on Norwegian, Nordic and European jazz.

Trondheim Jazzfestival has been, and is, through its collaboration with various musical environments at NTNU, an important contributor to the continuing high-quality music environment in Trondheim. It has been particularly important for performers with a background from the Jazlinja at NTNU. Jazzfest is both an innovator and a tradition-bearer in jazz.