Trond Wiger
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November 28th 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Trond Wiger


Trond Wiger's "Væren" from 2019 re-visits Jazzfest!

We are going to die! 
But before that: Being (Væren)
Now. «From the seed to death e life with breath» 
The text is of course the foundation when Trond Wiger takes on the composer's hat. Around it grows the sound that will capture the moment. The goal is authentic existence - in Trond, in the band, in the audience, in the world. “An existent cannot be deprived of his being; being is always the present basis of existence; it is everywhere in it and nowhere." (Sartre) 
Furthermore, existentialism is described as the study of freedom, anxiety, suffering and the realization of death. This could just as well be a description of Wiger's literary work. 

This is nothing less than a commissioned work from a rapper, has it happened before?

"Væren" is a life of and with Truls Lorentzen, Kyrre Laastad, Erlend Smalås and Trond Wiger.