Elin Rosseland & Johannes Eick Duo
Kai Hansen
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November 28th 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Elin Rosseland & Johannes Eick Duo

Exploratory and atmospheric duo collaboration

Elin Rosseland and Johannes Eick have played together since 1982, first in the quartet KIX and later Fairplay. In 1995, they started the duo collaboration which was later expanded with Christian Wallumrød on piano.

Now, however, the two are back in the duo format, with the brand new and critically acclaimed album release "Gold".

There is a completely unique chemistry in this duo collaboration, where Rosseland and Eick explore the sonorous meeting between 6-string double bass and soprano with extensive use of loops, keyboards and voice processor.

Elin Rosseland - vocals, voice processor
Johannes Eick - double bass, looper