DJ Miksemalin
This is an archived event from the following edition:
November 28th 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

DJ Miksemalin


Malin Ødegård is a newcomer to the club scene in Trondheim, but with her background as a musician, she has already built up a solid and diverse music library. Under her alias Miksemalin, she plays a hefty selection of groovy hip-hop and RnB, along with good tracks from a wide catalog of funk, disco and soul.

The kitchen has set up a fresh Brazilian-inspired menu especially for Jazzfest on Friday and Saturday. Enjoy good food, drinks and music in the café at DIGS - a perfect start to the weekend!

Bolinhos 99, -
- Spicy yoghurt and lime

Picanha 145, -
Grilled beef, vegetables, bean salsa, bread

Falafel 145, -
- Hummus, chili, greens, pita bread