ARY is among several artists you will hear on Havet this evening! Photo: Ole Martin Halvorsen

ARY / Øyunn / thea wang / Next.Ape (BE) - Jazzfest at Havet


Friday 10 May from 19:00 we will once again fill Nyhavna with electric atmosphere, program for music lovers and danceable rhythms into the sunset. Experience four new and well-known artists on one ticket - and much more!

thea wang
Next.Ape (BE)
and more!


Photo: Ole Martin Halvorsen


Trøndelag's own electronica queen

ARY is back for good. Two years ago, she finally released her debut album "For Evig", which won over critics and music hearts all over the world.
We first got to know ARY in 2015, when she hit the Norwegian audience with a bang with electronic pop beats and her clear signature – the spectacular voice. In a short time she gained millions of listeners both inside and outside our national borders. She played over 200 concerts in Norway and Europe, and was a guest at festivals such as Glastonbury, Pitchfork and Øyafestivalen. Then she retreated to get to know her own sound image and dive into production.
Now she is ready for a reunion with her fans, this time as an artist and producer - with a brand new stage show, dancers and an impressive song catalogue.



Photo: Kaspar Vig


Ready for a breakthrough!

Expressive vocals and catchy melodies over organic grooves and electronic synth arpeggios - drummer and vocalist Øyunn makes music that hits.

In recent years, she has made her mark on the European music scene, having played with musicians such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Sam Gendel, Jon Balke and the Danish alt-pop band Efterklang, and composed for and played in performances at the National Theater in Oslo and The Royal Theater in Copenhagen.

In her own band, she sings and raps with raw honesty in lyrics about relationships, hierarchy, hope and turmoil, all while simultaneously pounding the drum kit.

Siv Øyunn Kjenstad - drums, vocals
Jens Mikkel Madsen - bass, backing vocals
Kasper Staub - synths, backing vocals
Mads Kinnerup - live sound, processing


Thea Wang


thea wang
Poignant and goosebump-inducing

thea wang is a storyteller. With broad and short strokes, she paints moments from life in an embalming way - accompanied by a sparing, yet all-absorbing sound universe.

In thea wang's music, you can almost feel the heartbeat of folk icon Joni Mitchell. A rare splendor of voice, with vulnerable and poetic lyrics, over the sound of a single acoustic guitar, or on a creative substrate of rumbling synth pads, improvisation and hard-hitting drum grooves.

She burst onto the music scene with her debut album "While He Is Still Asleep" in 2022, which garnered praise from both Norwegian and international press, and since then she has, among other things, warmed up for Aurora on her recent world tour.

Here, in other words, you get to experience a future world star.

Thea Emilie Wang - vocals, guitar
Håkon Aase - violin
Edvard Synnes - keys
Jørgen Kasbo - guitar
Ivar Myrset Asheim - drums



Photo: Athos Burez


Next.Ape (BE)
For the first time in Norway

Next.Ape is the innovative band of Belgian drummer Antoine Pierre - and one of the most exciting crossover projects on the European music scene today. The music has a groovy, melodious and mysterious sound, interspersed with elements of both electronica, pop and jazz, and presented in a tight and convincing live package.

In the band we also find the Belgian vocalist Julie Rens, who elevates the expression with her stage presence and crystal clear voice - colored with effects and captivating sound explorations.

We are incredibly proud and happy to be able to present Next.Ape to the Norwegian audience for the very first time!

Antoine Pierre - drums, compositions
Julie Rens - vocals
Lorenzo Di Maio - guitar
Cédric Raymond - effects, guitar, keyboards
Jérôme Klein - keyboards, Moog