Jørn Øien - Cosmopolitan
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May 12th 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Jørn Øien - Cosmopolitan

Energetic mix of world music and electronic jazz

Jørn Øien from Narvik got music in with his mother's milk and for over 30 years has made his mark as a melodic artist in the very top echelon. Strong communication skills and musical boldness combined with rhythmic resilience and virtuosity characterize his playing. And there is a realness and closeness in Øien's melodic universe and a fierce intensity in the virtuosity where he combines acoustic piano and synthesizers in an exquisite way.

On March 17, the album "Cosmopolitan" will be released. The music takes you on a journey through cultures from East and Central Asia and the African continent, with elements from ancient Sami tradition and Nordic ambient, and further into jazz, funk and soul. Join the celebration of a sensational release!

Jørn Øien - keyboards
Magnus Bakken - saxophones
Rune Arnesen - drums, percussion
Snorre Bjerck - perc
Audun Erlien - electric bass