Zap Mama to Trondheim 17 March

In celebration of the completion of Jazzfests Programme 2016 we invite you to a JazzFest Exclusive concert with none other than Zap Mama. The Congolese / Belgian artist visited us in 2011, where she with a razor sharp band presented a very fiery show. This year celebrates Marie Daulne ´s (her given name) 25th year as an artist. Her expression is a wonderful mix of African-American and European music, with elements of R'n'B, hip hop and world music. She has collaborated with Erykah Badu, Sly & Robbie, David Gilmore, Quest Love, Sergio Mendes and others.

Zap Mama is coming to Dokkhuset with a handpicked crew that performs polyphonic vocals in a lovely European-African genre cocktail. We´re also very happy that our former jazz line student Nina Kristine Linge will participate in this edition of Zap Mama band.

Dokkhuset, Thursday 17 March at. 20:00. NB: Limited seating.