Jan Garbarek Group feat. Trilok Gurtu
New date March 22. 2021
March 22nd 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Jan Garbarek Group feat. Trilok Gurtu

Official opening concert 2020

Jan Garbarek could arguably be considered one of the style-setting musicians of European Jazz. And this has held true for the last fifty years. Countless musicians worldwide have been influenced by the sound of this Norwegian Saxophonist, often described as hymnal, lyrical, vocal, ethereal, meditative and certainly Scandinavian. Instead of resting on it - and contrary to his self-declared idleness - Jan Garbarek still strives at age 71 for new and better musical experiences, preferably live in concert: ” I only try to play what I myself would like to hear”, he explains in all modesty. “If someone else can relate to it, that’s great. Every response is good. And not to react is also good. To be honest, it doesn’t make any difference. Let me put it like this: I am not Elvis Presley. I can’t predict or anticipate what the listener feels. But when musicians sense they are in the groove and can go with it, that’s a blissful moment of pure happiness. That feeling is absolutely euphoric.”

Garbarek, keeping fit through his daily practice “sees no end in sight” and plans to remain creative as his health allows. He also is incessantly composing new music. He refers to his creative work as a “rolling thing” and adds "before I can even think of having a melody or a chord progression, I begin with the idea of a particular rhythm.” In 1963, the son of a former prisoner of war from Poland and a Norwegian farmer's daughter, was inspired more by John Coltrane than by the Beatles. And it was in Oslo, the city of his birth, when he went to a concert with Ravi Shankar, the Indian musician, not yet famous at the time, and was delighted. But he also has a heart for Norwegian songs, the electronic music of his daughter Anna, African sounds and contemporary music. “I can’t really penetrate the complexities, but I can certainly enjoy elements of it that I feel particularly drawn to and that swing into my orbit here and there,” he says. “Over the years I’ve become a kind of sponge. You could say, that the music we’re making is a real bastardized hybrid. It’s a mix. It’s not about achieving some kind of perfection or remaining true to some tradition. In fact, it is just the opposite. It can be a lot more interesting to leave some things in the area of the unknown. We should rather nurse and go along with our imperfections than run away from them.”

Following an intensive rehearsal phase, Garbarek is on Tour again with his band: The German pianist and keyboarder Rainer Brüninghaus, who’s been with the band for thirty years, the Brazilian bassist Yuri Daniel and the Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu. In many ways, Garbarek sees himself and his fellow musicians as craftsmen. "A shoemaker also knows how to make a good last. But that’s not what interests anybody. When people see the shoe in the shop window, the only thing that matters is, if they like it or not.” After all, he also knows: “Together we can reach for the sky!”

Jan Garbarek – saxophone
Trilok Gurtu – drums, percussion
Rainer Brüninghaus – piano
Yuri Daniel - bass