Strandveien 29
7011 Trondheim

Divided into two rooms, Verkstedhallen & Lobbyen is suitable for concerts, preproduction, theater, dance, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and events. The premises are rough, and are an alternative to the more elaborate hotel settings.
Verkstedhallen & Lobbyen is run by Svartlamon culture and business foundation. We have many nice neighbors in and around our premises, including dancers, bands and artists, graphic artists, Ramp Pub & Spiseri, Dora and an environment that has held countless events. In other words, we can tailor and fix very special events!
Capacity concert 600

Bar and lounge connected to the Verkstedhallen. Suitable for smaller concerts and events. Glass facade facing Strandveien. 5m wide doors for loading at street level, and parking for large vehicles.
Concert capacity 130

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